Applying to Northwood

Applying to Northwood

Congratulations on Choosing Northwood University

Below are the steps you need to take towards admittance.

Step 1: International application form

Start the process with our online application. Step-by-step instructions are given throughout the process.

Step 2: Academic transcripts (your past courses with final grades)

Official transcripts, both in original language and in English, are required as part of your application. Original documents become property of Northwood University and cannot be returned. English translation of transcripts should be conducted by a certified translation service.

If a high school graduation exam is required in your country, we will also need a copy of that test result as well.

Step 3: A copy of your passport’s ID page

Copy of identification page(s) of your passport, as well as those of any dependents you will be bringing into the U.S.

Step 4: Proof of English proficiency

TOEFL, IELTS or other approved test results. Proof of English proficiency is needed to enroll in a standard academic program, but is not required if you plan to study in the Intensive English Program.

Proof of English proficiency may not be required if applying from a country in which English is the native language or if you have completed non-ESL English academic courses at an approved college or university with C grades or above.

Step 5: Proof of funds available

Once you accept our offer, pay the deposit noted on your acceptance letter and provide your financial information, you will be shipped your I20 for your visa interview.

There are three choices for demonstrating proof of financial ability to study in the United States. All documents must be clear and in typed or printed format (not handwritten). Bank stationery must be identifiable and include the bank’s address, phone number and fax number.

1. Financial statement signed by you or your sponsor. If you have more than one sponsor, an official, certified and notarized affidavit of support, including full name of all sponsors, must be sent;


2. Original and official bank statement (updated within the past six months) from you or your sponsor representing funds for at least one academic year. The statement must identify the name of the account holder, their relationship to you, account number and currency; 


3. An original letter from the bank stating the account holder name, account number, date, currency used and amount. It must be signed by a member of the bank staff whose name, position and contact information are provided in the letter.

Application Deadlines

Semester Application Deadline
Summer 2017 April 7, 2017
Fall 2017 July 16, 2017



Once we have all of your documents and application, we will notify you in a few days of your admission decision. Once you accept our offer, pay the deposit noted on your acceptance letter, and provide your financial information, you will be sent your I20 for your visa interview.

Transfer Application

If you are already studying in the United States and wish to transfer to Northwood University, complete and submit the transfer form. This form needs to be signed by your international advisor at your current institution.

If you are currently studying outside the United States and wish to transfer to Northwood University AND you want your credits to transfer, along with your transcripts, you need to submit course descriptions both in original language and in English. Send these as soon as possible, as credit transfers are a lengthy process and will take time.


12-Week Summer Session Begins May 22, apply by May 8, 2017.

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